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Geolexica is the online glossary for geographic information technology from ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics.

The name “geolexica” is a combination of the Greek prefix “geo-” (of and pertaining to the Earth) and the suffix “lexica” derived from the Greek “lexiko”, counterpart of the English “lexicon” (vocabulary).

Terminology entries in Geolexica fully reflect entries given in the ISO/TC 211 Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms (MLGT), where its authoritative English terms originate from ISO/TC 211 standards.


Current content (20190809 edition)

The current contents in Geolexica are from the 4th release of the MLGT (20190809 edition), consisting of:

  • over 1,060 English language terminology entries (terms/definitions) from published ISO/TC 211 standards as of October 2017;

  • over 7,600 translated terminology entries (full or partial) covering fourteen languages, which represents close to all of the participating countries in ISO/TC 211.

The MLGT spreadsheet and corresponding documentation can be downloaded from the ISO/TC 211 Resources page.


The MLGT is managed by the ISO/TC 211 Terminology Maintenance Group (TMG). The convenor of the TMG is Mr. Reese Plews of Japan.

Geolexica is jointly managed by the TMG and Ribose, the official ISO/TC 211 web service provider and Registration Authority of the ISO Geodetic Register.


Feedback for Geolexica can be submitted on the Feedback page.

Identified issues that are publicly visible are maintained at the TMG GitHub Issues page.